The Christian Science Platform Group:

The Christian Science Platform is a structure of 32 statements. This large platform structure gives us two platform statements for each of the 16 elements of the foursquare pedagogical structure, providing two lines of statements for each row of the pedagogical structure.

Here again, we have two additional platforms structures associated with the main platform. One of the additional structures had been recognized quite early, which is the 16-element structure that is contained in the Glossary definition for the term, MORTAL MIND. The MORTAL-MIND structure stands in contrast with the scientific recognition represented in the Christian-Science-Platform structure with. In this association with Christian Science Platform elements, the MORTAL-MIND elements are being invalidated and overturned.

However, the 16 MORTAL-MIND elements cover only half of the 32 elements of the Christian Science Platform. What about the rest?

It has been recognized, also quite a while ago, that Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, is also a structure made up of 16 elements. It hadn't been recognized, though, until quite recently, that the Church Manual is basically a platform structure, a platform of By-Laws. Once the recognition was made, the second associated structure of 16 elements was found that relates with the Christian Science Platform in a tight and logical manner. In this relationship the platform statements are designed no to invalidate something, as in the case of the MORTAL MIND elements, but are designed to enrich and elevate a vital aspect of civilization that the MORTAL-MIND elements would endanger.

Since all of these statements are associated according to the principle of a platform, the first platform element, which represents the highest concept, becomes thereby associated with the highest element position of the foursquare pedagogical structure, sequencing downwards to the lower-level aspects. The association of the two structures (the MORTAL-MIND structure and the Church-Manual structure) alternates, line by line (in groups of four, )beginning with the invalidation of MORTAL MIND, followed by the CHURCH MANUAL elements that are thereby strengthened.

Once all of this was in place, an amazing interplay between the three platform structures resulted.

The 32 Platform Elements

The Following is the list of the headings of the 32-element platform of Christian Science and its relationship to the 16-element definition for MORTAL MIND, interspersed with the 16-element platform of the Church Manual .